Monday, January 8, 2007

Art? Money? Do they mix?

I have been so busy THINKING the past two days. I do that a lot. In fact, this concept is very funny to me because of an experience I had when I was married (for a minute). My partner wasn’t known for his deep thought processes. However once in a fit of rage, he said: “YOU! YOU!!! You THINK TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!” I recall that moment and laugh now. As much as I would like to disagree, he was right!! LOL

Among the myriad of racing thoughts ping ponging in my scull, the most prominent has been about Kate Kretz. Kate is an amazing artist who is so, so wonderful. Her work is breathtaking. I admire her so much. This week, she has been in the news. Things are rockin and rollin for her. This is all due to one of her paintings. (read her blog!) The reason she is so prominent in my mind right now is because I understand her point of view and reasoning/logic behind the painting that is causing such a stir. Also, I realize I have to be so thoughtful about what I wish for because it may happen!!!!!
Kate’s artist life will never be the same ever again. This one painting is going to change the rest of her art life. Is this good or bad? I don’t know and it is none of my business anyway. However, she is a really sensitive, perceptive artist. I am sure she will do just fine!
I totally understand her commentary about not marketing her work and showing at “academic venues”. I have always done that too (that is why I am poor!! LOL) However, there is always that lingering thought. What if (I could make lots of money with my art??)
My daughter just graduated from college. Her major was “Television and Radio”. She wants to be a broadcaster, news journalist, or news producer. This is so foreign to me. Yet, I support her whole heartedly! I tell her “Go for it girl!!”. For a graduation present, I gave her this assemblage. This work is foreign to me too. It is about MONEY. Maybe I was thinking about this very thing. Fame, money, notoriety, what a concept!!!

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Mixed Media/Canvas
8”X 10”

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