Monday, January 22, 2007

A “BABY” Comes Home

This is my biggest problem. For the past years, I have not marketed my work. I have been going through a phase of making, showing, and KEEPING my art. I suppose a psychologist could explain this, but who cares! I have my own theories. The most logical reason comes from an experience I had fifteen years ago. In order to move from Michigan to Florida, I had to have an art “fire sale”. I told anybody and everybody who would listen to come buy my art for drastically reduced prices. I sold almost everything I had made during the previous ten years. That freaked me out! The money helped me make the move, but when I got to Florida, I was almost artless. It has taken me years to create a new decade+ worth of work.
Now, I live in my little, Florida bungalow with art everywhere! It is like the Sheree Rensel Museum. (Come by and see! I don’t charge admission!! LOL LOL)
Everywhere I look there are paintings, assemblages, and collages and I LOVE IT!! These are all my children!!
I send the work out to be shown, but I am so relieved and thankful when they come home. This is the case with the painting/collage shown, “Universal Dump”. It just got back from a worldwide journey. It was shown in Germany and New Zealand. When it arrived on my doorstep yesterday, I couldn’t unbox it fast enough. When I saw it, I was in love all over again.
This painting is meaningful to me. I remember when I started it, it just didn’t work for me. It sat in my studio for a couple of years. Then, I got an urge and idea to help it come to fruition. Now, I love it. It is so weird and quirky. I just love the hyperactivity of the image and the message. Now, I have to change my paradigm of thought about selling my work. I have got to get over all this emotional attachment! I need BUCKS!! Tee Hee

“Universal Dump”
24” X 24”
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Eero said...

I love having my work around, too. An interesting thing happens over time, however....'the cream rises to the top.' Some paintings grow stronger to me over time and others fade. Usually, only 2 paintings out of a series of 12-15 are "keepers." I'm happy to sell the rest anywhere and anyway I can.

You sound like a really productive artist---always a blessing.

Sheree Rensel said...

You are so right and I love the "cream rises" analogy. That is so true. I will be in total love with a particular piece and then, little by little newer work will take precedence. When that happens, I can't sell the orphans fast enough!
Thank you so much for your comment! I truly appreciate it!