Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Eye of a Child

On any given day, I feel like this. This is true art. As I mentioned in previous posts, I want to paint what I know. I want to paint what I feel. This is another child’s drawing that has been hanging in my studio for a couple of years. A kid gave this to me. He was one outrageous little kid who loved to draw. I looked at it and immediately related. Also, this drawing connects with my last post and the new series of work I am beginning and contemplating.
I am learning all over again. Maybe I knew this all along, but now I am rediscovering the obvious. We have heard sayings like “Out of the mouths of babes” or “create like a child”. It sounds almost cliché. Yet, there is so much truth there.
I am not saying I want to do cartoons or magic marker line drawings. I am saying I want to be able to capture the moment, the emotion, or the feeling of my world in one definitive image. Like the image shown, it says so much with so little. Bravo!

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