Monday, January 15, 2007

Learning One’s Scale

I went to see a GREAT movie yesterday. “Notes on a Scandal” was terrific! The acting was fantastic too! Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett were both superb. I listened very carefully to the dialogue. The emotional / psychological content was striking to me. This is especially true since I am going through a life passage right now.
One of the conversations between the two characters was about living your dreams. Excuse me for paraphrasing (I don’t remember the exact words) but one of the lines was about “learning one’s scale”. While the older woman spoke to the younger woman, she told of how you have to live your life on the scale that is appropriate. She used this as a reason why she never lived her dreams or grew to her full potential. She accepted a lesser life. The older character also told of words spoken by her father to “mind the gap”. That is, be aware of your dreams and compare them to your real life. Then, it is your job to mind the gap. In other words, it is important to try to close the space between your dreams and reality.
Boy, did that hit home! In fact, I realized this is one of the predominant issues with my own life right now. I am not living my SCALE and I haven’t been MINDING THE GAP. Like the older character, there are moments when I feel like I gave up somewhere in the past few years. I don’t mean I gave up my art or rolled up into a ball wanting to die. No, instead, I just let things ride. I have been satisfied with the status quo. I use my art to reach, but I don’t stretch. I have become complacent to live small. I realized yesterday, this attitude is making my inner spirit crazy!
I learned my (true) scale a long time ago. At least my dreams and aspirations are far more significant than my current reality. So I have to remind myself to envision life’s larger scale and then, MIND THE GAP!
How about you?

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My lord! I could have spoken every word in these paragraphs! Truly salient to what's happening in so many lives! Thank you!!