Saturday, January 6, 2007

Life Goes ON

My first post…well, this year anyway. I started a blog in 2003. It was going great and then I had a “blogger stogger” (stalker). That wasn’t cool. So I took it down. I am sure he has found other interests by now, so I will resume my daily rants.

I need to do this blog now. I need to sort things out verbally and SEE where I stand. This is a tumultuous time in my life. Yes, it is time of emotional drama. I am not talking about “screaming, pushing, punching the walls” kind of drama. Oh no, I don’t allow that into my life. However, I have been experiencing an emotional drama of the introverted ilk. My mind is the eye of the hurricane. Thoughts run wild while my rational mind stands by with a lasso. I am trying very hard to reign things in right now.

Life passages are awesome albeit crappy. Those moments in which you see the crossroads cause unexplainable distress and pain, but I have learned to say “THANK YOU”. I have to be appreciative and know the Universe will provide as it always has. These times of confusion end up being the times that force action into play. In fact, I am so glad for the abundance in my life. I have been so fortunate. I have had so much success and good fortune. However, that doesn’t stop me from striving to be the best artist I can be. That is why I was born and put on this earth. I just have to keep moving forward!
Here is a recent collage that illustrates the way I feel right now. It is called “Hurricane Brain”. Yep, that’s the ticket!

Hurricane Brain
(Click to Enlarge)
Mixed Media/Canvas

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Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, contragulations on your new blog's unveiling! I am so happy to see you blogging (again!)

Gotcha on the blogroll.