Friday, January 26, 2007


One of the issues on my mind lately is PASSION. As artists, we know what it feels like to love what we do. We know what it is like to feel special. We feel special because we are a part of the privileged who get to do what we love. We feel passion for life and our work. Or do we?????????? I have been questioning that about myself lately. I have been helping kids paint a mural on a wall. I was stirring a cup of paint the other day and as I stirred, I started to have flashbacks of me as a very young artist. I remembered that FEELING. I remembered painting anything and everything during my pre-adult years. I was in my own creative heaven. Creative bliss was common. I still love my work as an artist, but I want that FEELING again.

Today, a friend sent me photos of the work of Julian Beever I do not seek out the work of super realists and I will never paint in that manner. However, I was struck by his work for two reasons. One thing that occurred to me is just the strange, bizarre, unbelievable technical tasks he accomplishes. His work makes your mind ask "WHAT"? It is truly amazing! Also, the other thing that struck me as I looked at photo after photo of his work is the PASSION he exudes. You can see the look of pure joy in his face in the photos in which he is included. He is in his own heaven and PASSION screams loud! I want to be like that again. I will. Now that I know what I am seeking, the search and recovery is within arm’s length. Meanwhile, check out his work. It will make your brain hurt!! To say it is unbelieveable is an understatement!! LOL LOL

Julian Beever
Click to go to his website to see more
This is a FLAT chalk pavement drawing!
Yes, I know. HUH???
Go to his website. His work will boggle your mind!!

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TheEyeInside said...

I know what you mean about the FEELING... for me, the passion went out in (my first) art school, when the overwhelming criticism by my instructors really did a number on my self-esteem and gave birth to the "inner censor." After that, creating art just wasn't the same because the pure joy of creating was replaced by the constant question in my mind, "Am I doing this right?" That changed for me only recently when I went back to school this past year and was forced to "create," and I took a good look at some of the stuff I did and thought, "you know, that's not too bad." I think I'll always be my own worst critic, but now expressing myself and working through my crap by making art is beginning to become... well, FUN again. Maybe it's because I'm not trying to please anyone but myself now. I mean, yeah, I can take criticism a lot better since I've put on a few more decades, but now I really see it as a way to learn. Instead of getting discouraged, I get better. And, slowly, I'm starting to feel the beginnings of "passion" again. I can't take back the last twenty years that I wasted by not creating anything worth while, but I do plan on making up for it in the next twenty!!! What a great lesson to (finally) learn. And like any "relationship," I expect the passion to have its ebb and flow, but now in art as well as life I feel more willing to work through the down times.