Saturday, January 13, 2007

The POWER of Thought

I am on one of my never-ending self-improvement kicks. I say never ending because it seems like there is always something to IMPROVE. I think this idea IS the main problem. All these years I keep changing this or changing that due to dissatisfaction with something about my life or me. Therefore, a paradigm shift of thought is in order. How about instead of improving my mind or body I think in terms of just improving my attitude about myself. Instead of seeking nebulous goals of self-improvement, I should attain an attitude of YOU ARE JUST FINE, Sheree. Yep! My new goal is PEACE OF MIND and ACCEPTANCE!!

I have always been amazed at the power of thought. The way we can think a thought and POOF! it happens. I am even fascinated by little, tiny ways our mind has power. For example, I can be sitting at this computer and think "I want a soda." In the next minute, I walk over to the refrigerator and get a soda. POOF!! It happened! The same kind of progression happens with more ambitious tasks. I want to go to a movie. An hour later, I can be sitting in the front row of the theater eating my popcorn watching the promos for the new movies coming out. Likewise, this power can be transformed into even larger things. I need a car or a job. I take the needed steps to make that happen and POOF!! Regardless of the desired outcome, there is a progression of steps from start to fruition. [Thought > Action > Realization]

Having said all this, I wonder why I don't tie up the loose ends and finish that progression when it comes to my art and art life. [Thought > Action > Realization] Of course I do this sometimes. I have an idea for a piece of work. I gather needed materials. I proceed to make the work. POOF!! Yet that is where it ends for me. I tend to stop the progression short. There is so much more that could be done. For instance, I could take the idea of that piece of work and make a series or I could take that piece, promote and/or sell the work. I have sold lots of work in my life, but it is through passive marketing. I take the piece to a gallery and let them sell it or someone comes to my studio and just buys something. I hardly ever “hawk my wares”. In other words, I have to embrace and control the MAGNITUDE and full power of my thoughts.

I have been rummaging through my old art. It is like revisiting relatives I haven't seen in years. Sometimes, I will get emails from people referencing certain pieces on my website. They speak of them using the title. I have done so much art in my life; I have to look up the piece because I can't remember which one they are talking about. I just found this one and it struck me. Just this morning I was thinking about how I am my own worst enemy sometimes. I don't need any critics because I beat myself up all the time. I have to get over that and remember the essence of this piece. I am there for me. I can be my own best friend. I am the one who has the power to make all my POSITIVE thoughts come to fruition.
I truly believe this.

"I Am Here"
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