Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tick Tick Tick

I really don’t mind getting older. In fact, there are a lot of things I love about it. I finally feel confident about my skills as a human being. I still have many things to work on, but for the most part things are going well! The one thing that is scary about aging is that you suddenly realize that this isn’t going to last forever.
I was listening to a CD yesterday and the speaker was talking about making the most of the time you have on this earth. She cautioned about procrastination and said something like “What if you come to a point and find all your time is used up?” That thought hit me hard. I diddle around and postpone things I want to do like I am going to live to be 1000! I know this is not the case.
I walked into my studio yesterday and noticed at least ten works that I started and are WAITING for me to finish them. There was no judgment from these pieces. They just hung there patiently as I walked by. I almost felt like I owed them an apology!
As I mentioned yesterday, I have been spending time looking at past works displayed on my website. I want to revamp my website, so this walk down memory lane is part of the reorganization process. While clicking through the pages, I remembered making this little piece. It was just a “sketch”.It was never anything I was planning to show or sell. I just sat down one day and made it. I had found this little butterfly dead in my yard. I felt bad that it died yet still looked so perfect. This piece was like a memorial to that creature and a sign for me TO GET ON WITH IT!!

"One Life"
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