Thursday, January 18, 2007

You ARE what you CREATE!

Do you believe in synchronicity? Do you believe you are what you think? I smile at the thought. This statement reminds me of the saying “You are what you eat!” When I have heard this over the years, I wondered and questioned. The funny thing is a couple of years ago; I was on this HEALTH kick. One of the things I would do was to watch and learn. One of my ways of coping and learning was to be at the grocery store and look into the carts of other shoppers. I would look down and take an inventory. Then, I would look up and see who was buying all this stuff. It was amazing. Skinny, healthy people drove those carts that were full of healthy food. When I encountered a cart full of junk food, the cart operator was a mess physically. I saw it and I believe it.
I can apply this same logic process to art. Do you have a cart full of healthy food or a bunch of junk food? I am asking you and I am asking myself this too!
Soooooooo, I am asking myself a new question related to: “You are what you create.” This statement holds true in many life situations. I am in an economical situation I created. I am in an art-marketing situation I created. I am in a “day job” situation I have created. I am the PERSON I have created.
I am not a “helpless type”. No, this isn’t even close to being true. I am fully aware that I make choices. I made choices years ago. I make choices today. I will make choices next year. It is up to me as to what those choices will be.
I can’t wait until January 2008. I am excited to anticipate the reality of that month. I am anxious to find out what will be in my “grocery” cart then. Hopefully, I will get all my ducks in a row. In other words, I want things to be the way I want things to be. I have that power. I just need to use it. I want to be happy and be a productive, self-supporting artist. WOW, what a concept! Is there such a shopping cart? I just wonder!

"Found Faith"
Click to Enlarge
Acrylic / Mixed Media on Wood
20 X 22

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Eero said...

Wow----every blog post of yours is so heartfelt and resonant! Impressive.