Friday, January 19, 2007

You Just Never Know

Today’s post is about doing what you do with faith. I have been an artist since I was born. I am not kidding. As a child, I was just too serious. I didn’t like cartoons (except for Popeye). I hated toys. I had no favorite childhood game. Even at a very young age, I was all business.
I remember walking by the bedroom in which my sisters would talk and speculate about what they would name their kids. I scrunched my face because I thought this was so stupid. I didn’t want kids. I was going to be an artist. I knew the perimeters. I knew what it would take. Children were not in my picture.
Well, things happen. At the age of 29, I was expecting a baby. Hmmmmmmm. I thought long and hard about this. I realized this was meant to be. I had my “Art Baby”. I have absolutely NO REGRETS. I truly believe she has helped me live the life I wanted to live. Of course, it was difficult trying to manage, pay the bills, make sure she had what she needed, but it all worked out just fine.

I had a great YIN/YANG thing going for the both of us. She spent most of her time growing up experiencing an art life. However, I made sure she got the middle class, suburban life too! That is, she would go visit relatives on weekends and experience a totally different world. That is a good thing in my opinion.
Well, now Art Baby is grown up. She isn’t an artist. Instead, she majored in Television and Radio. She wants to work in the media industry. OK!
Then, she actually got a job with a MAJOR media company. I was like “SAY WHAT??”
She is such a wonderful human being. She will do very well. There is no doubt. I just wanted to say, YOU NEVER KNOW. We have aspirations and hopes for our kids. We do our best. Then they fly.
I am watching my girl’s wings flutter. Every single day, she amazes me. You go Art Baby! Is that cool or what? I am smiling BIG!

"My Girl as “SheRA"

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