Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Art World Immersion

I feel like I have jumped into an art swimming pool! I go through cycles in which I immerse myself in reading about art, looking at art, and watching endless art related videos. This weekend I dusted off a DVD I bought last year. It was kind of an accident I bought it. I was placing an order and bought a bunch of art videos. This was one of the bunch. For whatever reason, it didn’t catch my interest when it arrived. I finally watched it this weekend a couple of times. It is very interesting and thought provoking. I watched with eager eyes because it made me think about stuff I already knew but learned a long time ago. The video is cut into segments of various artists (Hockney, Chamberlain, Johns, Stella, Clemente, Poons, etc. ALL MEN, of course!! Arggghhhhhh!) talking about how Henry Geldzahler had an impact on the art world. “Henry” is the subject of this film. The entire video tells his story as it relates to the New York art scene from the 50’s-90’s. I never really thought about him or how he played a role in the lives of artists of that era. This disinterest is probably due to the fact I just never pay attention to how the peripheral art aficionados work their own type of magic behind the art scenes. I have always felt artists were the true movers and shakers. Of course, this is a very na├»ve way of thinking. I would love to think artists get famous or sell their work due to their own artistic merit. LOL LOL Now that I am older and wiser, I know there is a LOT more to that equation. Overall, I think this video is very informative on many levels and I gained a new outlook in regard to Henry and the lucky, "famous" artists who were influenced by his life. It is worth the watch.

”Who Gets To Call It Art?” (2006)

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