Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I guess I am not the romantic type. However, the idea of Valentine’s Day is nice. I want to wish the spirit of the day to those who have that portion of their life to celebrate. I don’t in the traditional sense. I really, really, really like being single. I am so absorbed in my every day life full of "art stuff", relationships never worked for me. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I need the rest of the time I have on this earth to learn to love myself. I think this might be a lifelong progress. Therefore, I stay away from relationships. Me and Me are getting along just fine right now. LOL LOL LOL Besides, if I want flowers, candy, or some other “thoughtful” gift, I will buy it for myself. Tee HEE HEE

“Men Are Tempting”
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Wood
24” X 30”
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