Thursday, February 8, 2007


Opps!! Sorry for the lack of post the past few days. I have been sick. Yep, I got some kind of bug and it tangled with other creepy crawly things to create a great, powerful concoction of sinusitis extraordinaire!! Whoopee!!
I am rarely sick, but this little malady kicked my butt! As I lay on the couch for three days in a state of delirium, I realized how much I rely on my health. Everything is all about me. I don’t mean this in an egotistical way. I mean this in regards to survival. I don’t have a significant other to keep the home fires burning. I don’t have an extended family to bring me chicken soup. It is just I. The scary part of all this is it makes you realize how we have to take care of ourselves to be able to function in the world. It wasn’t my fault that I caught this bug. However, I have to be honest and realize I could do better in the “Take care of Sheree” department. I do too many things. I stress myself out. I eat crap. Etc. Etc.
I talked to a friend the other day about why we do things that sabotage our well-being. We all do it. Some people eat too much. Other people drink too much. There are people who abuse drugs. Throngs of people deny their own lack of self-care. I am one of those people. I know what it takes to keep my body, mind, and spirit functioning well. I know exactly what it takes to keep Sheree a healthy artist. Yet like millions of other people, I ignore the recipe too much of the time! Why do we do this to ourselves? I suppose if I had the solution and bottled it, I would be a millionaire. However, I don’t. I know what it takes and there are times I sabotage myself big time. This is to the detriment of my life and my art. How stupid!!

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gilda said...

All we have is our health! Take care of yourself