Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am so LUCKY

In my going HOME post a couple of days ago, I professed my love of my hometown Detroit. I didn’t mean in anyway, I don’t feel strongly about my new hometown St. Petersburg. In fact, I feel so lucky. I love it here in so many ways. I went on a “photo shoot” today. I am collecting images of stuff I know and see all the time. I am searching for new images and subject matter for my art. I have been perplexed because for the first time in a very long time, I really don’t know what the subject of my art should be. I am not saying I want to paint palm trees or sailboats, but that imagery just has to have had some kind of impact on my mind. I have been looking at it for 15 years now. Therefore, I decided to start a photo file of everyday images for reference purposes. These are not PHOTOGRAPHS in the big sense of the word. They are just snapshots meant as a quick record.
As I wandered around Tampa Bay today, I was reminded how I love this environment. I love the way things look. The water is so gorgeous, even though I am an “earth” baby. Also, I was reminded about the first impressions I had of Florida upon my arrival on this peninsula. The BIRDS. I couldn’t believe how these big fat birds are everywhere. As a Michigan girl, I was accustomed to sparrows and a blue jay or two. That’s it. Now I see all kinds of huge birds flying all over the place. I feel like this is the last of the dinosaur era.
Here is a friend I met today. He isn’t one of the big birds, but he is an interesting fellow. Also, I felt he was a kindred spirit. He felt the same way I did about the weather. You can tell by the look on his face, he isn’t too happy about the chill in the air. I hear you buddy!!!

St. Petersburg pelican
Snuggly wuggly
Can’t take 65 degrees!!

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gilda said...

wow its balmy up there...its been 6 degrees all week up here in the D, great for the Winter Blast Festival!