Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Every few years, I break out my Artist’s Way book and CDs (Julia Cameron) to refresh my creative life. Ordinarily, this course is used for blocked artists. I am not blocked in the traditional sense. I am creative every day. However, I am at a point in my life I need a creative change. Therefore, I decided to do Artist’s Way again. I am currently on Week 5. I listen to the Julia Cameron CD constantly. Over the years and each time I have done the course, I skip certain things. This time, I was determined to complete it all and do all the suggested tasks thoroughly. I am doing a really great job and learning a lot about myself at this moment in my life. Each time I have done the work, the part about “Kriya” has struck a chord of curiosity. I never really acted on it until now.
“KRIYA”....... I asked myself what does this mean? J. Cameron explains it means to emotionally surrender to the powers that be. OK…That sounds good to me. However, I wanted more. I looked up the derivation of this word and I was pleased. In fact, I smiled with each bit of research I completed. Yes, it is emotional/spiritual surrender. Also according to the Sanskrit dictionary it means: CLEANING. Even more interesting is the fact that according to Sanskrit grammar, VERBS are called Kryiyas. The derivation comes from the root KRI = To do. In other words Kriya means action, to do, clean, and surrender. I love this. All this information is on my mind. I am acting on it too. My newest painting has to do with Kriya. I am anxious to see how it turns out. Regardless, I am willing to DO, apply ACTION, CLEAN my mind of unnecessary stuff, and SURRENDER. Sounds good to me!

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