Sunday, February 4, 2007

Livable Installations

It is important to live a creative life in as many ways as possible. There was a time I spent my time and efforts to create installation work. I loved working in this medium. It is a difficult one due to monetary concerns and the storage space needed to house all the components before and after exhibitions. Therefore, I stopped doing that kind of art. I miss doing installations because after creating one, I always wanted to live inside them.
I satisfy the urge to do just that by making “livable installations”. Sometimes I laugh at my “decorating” sense. It sure isn’t Martha Stewartesque! However, it fills a need inside of me to live creatively. I want to immerse myself in environments that make me smile and perk my senses of creative spirit. My goal is to make every room of my living quarters scream “SHEREE LIVES HERE!!” LOL LOL Well, I am doing a great job as far as I am concerned. This is just one of the rooms in “Sheree World”. I can’t help but feel comforted and full of energy when I walk into or sit in this room. The most important thing is it simply makes me happy.

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Livable Installation
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VictoriaE said...

I love that room, it's incredible. PLease feel free to show us any other rooms of your home! Absolutely amazing, makes me want to paint every wall of my house in bright colors. Thanks!