Monday, February 19, 2007

Personal Evolution

Life is a series of lessons. These lessons keep returning if you don’t learn the LESSON and get it right. I truly believe this. Since I am a self-improvement freak, I am always cognizant of my faults. I know for sure when I was younger, I had an anger problem. I don’t mean I punched holes in walls. However, I was always enraged by the injustices of life and verbally let people know about it. Also, I have always been a person to say what I was thinking at any given time. I could never be a politician because it is hard for me to say what people want to hear. I tell the truth. This is a very nasty habit because even though I mean no harm and my intention is positive, there are times when people take my words personally. I was once told I am “brusque”. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
Over the years, I have worked on this trait. I thought I had it licked. However recently, I opened my big mouth again and people got ruffled. Ironically, I have been working on this painting, “Slip of the Tongue”. I didn’t see the synchronicity until yesterday. Obviously, I still have to work on this life lesson. Now I am not ever going to be one who will ever be ready to “make nice” just for the sake of being seen as a Pollyanna. However, I do need to tone it down in the interest of personal evolution!

“Slip of the Tongue”
Acrylic/Collage on Canvas
8” X 10”
Click to Enlarge

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