Monday, March 12, 2007

I have always known "The Secret"

Anyone who has read my posts probably noticed I speak of things like synchronicity and the power of thought often. This is because I have always practiced the concepts behind Universal Principles. These age, old "laws" have a new, book/movie package and are all the rage (ala Oprah). "The Secret" teachers and moviemakers are on their media tour. I have seen them speaking of the "Law of Attraction" on the news, Oprah Show, and Larry King.
There are many, many, many books and websites devoted to the ideas behind the "Law of Attraction". In fact back in the 80's, one of the best bosses I ever had gave me a copy of the book "You Can Have It All" by Arnold Patent. This was such a wonderful gift! It taught me how my life can be full of abundance or anything I wanted if I applied certain thoughts, feelings, and actions. Oh! I know!! Some who read this will say Bull-oney!! I know there are those who think this kind of stuff is like hoodoo voodoo. I don't because I have lived it and it really works. The next question would be: "OK Sheree, why aren't you rich and famous?" That is so, so interesting because it wasn't until a few months ago, I realized certain things about myself and how the Universe has worked through me over the years. I don't want to tell my life story right here, right now. Maybe I will relate some of my "secrets" in other posts. However, I will say the answer to that question is simply because "I never asked for that!" So far, I have been given exactly what I wanted and put my mind on attaining.
That is why I find it interesting this new version of universal principles has become notable in past months. I needed a refresher. It is perfect timing. Ha!! I guess that would be an example of synchronicity again!


CMC said...

yep...I saw Oprah that day the Secret people were there. It suddenly occurred to me that this is the way I live anyway. A long time ago my m-i-l was doing cross stitch and there was a motto....give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you. It became my motto and I think this is the same philosphy although I haven't read any of those books.
I'm certainly not wealthy either but I notice money comes when I need it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I said I wasn't rich. I am very wealthy (just not financially). This is one problem with the way some people interpret the powers of the "Secret" or other books on the "Law of Attraction". It isn't all about money. Wealth can take many forms in the areas of spirit, emotion, intellect, etc. I have lots of wealth in those areas.

CMC said...

Oh yes, I know that as well. But money is just another of those things that come when you most need them. Attraction of the right people to me has been important to my whole evolution as a person. I know that my road would be much different without these people and their influence in my life. Just one of the things I'm thankful for.