Thursday, March 29, 2007


About two years ago, I was walking back to my car after spending the day looking out on Tampa Bay, reading, making art, listening to my iPod, and talking to friends. As I strutted the way down the Pier approach to my parking spot, I thought, “This has been a PERFECT day!”
Today was such a day. I worked in my studio for hours; I took a bubble bath; I went to a tourist hot spot to shop; I spent a while at a dive beach bar; I shopped again; I rushed to the beach to take pics of the sunset (TOO LATE by 10 minutes!!!!! However, I wasn't upset. There will be another one tomorrow!); and then, I took myself out to dinner. While waiting for my food, I read a FANTASTIC new book by Twyla Tharp: "The Creative Habit" (I will speak more about this book in a future post.)
I made my way home and as I unlocked my front door, I thought, “This was a PERFECT day!!” I quickly thought about how often I have perfect days now. For a moment I thought: "Too bad all my days can't be this good!". Then I stopped myself and thought positively. After rethinking, I rephrased: “WHY can't they all be perfect???!!!” I know now, it just the way I interpret my world.

Too Late Sunset
It’s all good though!!

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