Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cool Stuff!

In my quest to find new and interesting things to give my life a boost, I found some DVDs that just floor me. If you were a techie, a computer artist, a musician, a wannabee or any of the above, it would be worth your while to check these videos out. Animusic videos are digital animations of music. I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this one. When you pop one into your DVD player, you can choose from an array of digitally created “concerts”. The instruments and music have been digitally created. I am sure the creators could be far more explicit. I am just speaking as an observer. Now, I am from the generation when synthesized music was a real wonder, but not taken seriously in many circles. However, I think the difference here is this music may not be going into the archives of music history, but the visual elements make it facinating. These videos are great fun to watch!

I look at them with an artist, techie, and teacher point of view. I am amazed with the technology, imagination, and skill it takes to create things like this. I could watch these videos all day long. They are more than cool. Even though I am an artist and study the workings of the creative mind all the time, these works of digital art and music amaze me! If you get the chance, check them out!

If you have an opportunity to view this DVD, do it!
They are amazing and mesmerizing!

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