Sunday, April 1, 2007


I wanted to share a GREAT resource. For any of you who really want a CREATIVE life, I recommend reading a new book by Twyla Tharp titled "The Creative Habit". I can't praise this book enough! In fact if you find this book at a bookstore and stand there while reading the very first chapter, I promise you will be on your way to the cash register within a few minutes.
Besides being a great choreographer, Tharp is a delightful writer. She writes like she is talking to you. She uses plain and simple language and relates stories about her creative life as if you were sitting with her at her studio. I read another one of her books "Push Comes to Shove" years ago. I loved that one too. However, the CREATIVE HABIT makes so much sense to me at this time of my life.
To briefly explain the thesis of the book, I will say it is about making creativity a habit, routine, or ritual in your life. From the very first chapter, I would read a page and say YES YES YES!!!
If you are interested, I am sure any bookstore would have the book or could order it. It just came out recently. Here is the AMAZON link to it:


gilda said...

I just ordered that book.....Thanks!

Walker said...

Sheree - YOU are very inspirational!