Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy? Easter

I totally forgot it was Easter weekend. Now that my daughter is grown, there are no baskets, chocolate bunnies, or Peeps to buy. Today I thought about how we take so much for granted. I know a lot of little kids who won’t be getting any Easter treats tomorrow. I am around kids all the time who live in families that don’t celebrate such things. Due to lack of money or parental neglect, the Easter bunny is not part of their family holiday routine.
That is one thing I can be thankful for in my life. Despite all the adult histrionics driven by substance abuse, at least my childhood had the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and Easter Bunny. My parental unit held it together enough to provide that on a pretty regular basis.
Well, it got kind of dicey one year. I was eleven years old. The eldest of three girls, I played “Little Mama” when necessary. On Easter morning, my sisters woke me up. I couldn’t care less about the Easter bunny coming. However, it was very important to my younger siblings. They pulled and tugged at me to come help them find their baskets. We searched the house. No baskets. The little sisters whined and pouted as we went from room to room over and over again (it was a very small house). The pouts turned to tears and frustration. My little mama mind started to get really pissed off, but I kept telling my sisters to keep looking! I prodded them to look in closets, under tables, and even unlikely places like in the oven!! I needed time to think. I rushed upstairs to nudge my parent and asked, “Did you get Easter baskets???” I was given only an incomprehensible groan. I could feel the heat coming to my face. I looked over and saw car keys. Feeling pangs of doubt, I thought with my junior high mind, “What the hell!! I’ll give it a shot!”

I told my sisters to put on their boots and jackets. I said, “Maybe the Easter bunny hid them outside!!” They believed me. We opened the door to a blustery, winter wind. So out we went. Three, little stairsteps trudged out into the snow bundled in pajamas, coats, and galoshes. We got out to the car and I looked in the windows. There was nothing in the back seat. SHIT!! Ok I kept thinking….keep it together Sheree! One last try. I walked to the back of the car, put the key in to open the trunk. With a spring action, the trunk lid flew open. There in the trunk laid three (frozen) candy laden Easter baskets. My sisters screamed with delight. I just smiled while thinking this is such B.S.!
Oh well, such is life. I am who I am because of my past. I appreciate my life experiences. Things could always be worse. Also, I don’t dwell on the stupid stuff. I live by the doctrines of “The Church of What’s Happening Now!” If you are a Sia fan, you will know the words to that song.
Therefore, I wish every one a creative, happy holiday!!!

Gizmo and I wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!!

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Viv King said...

Hi Sheree - I THINK (maybe?? I live in hope you know.. something about you LOVE the colours?? left a note in my group Artangels that you liked my work - well the feeling is mutual - I LOVE your writing - resonated fully with it - I was also the oldest girl of 3 (2 girls and a boy and was left to play the mama a lot!) Great article - I also think the whole thing is BS... but I like the chocolate. Actually we had an egg hunt this year after a long absence and my 2 guys (aged 19 and 16 SO ENJOYED IT - I was much heartened.....) it was just good clean fun. I will visit you again - no time now, must cook supper. go well as we say in Africa
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