Saturday, April 14, 2007

Have you ever done this?

Rarely have I ever done this: overworked a painting. For some magical reason, I have always been satisfied with the end result of the works I create and intuitively known when to STOP. However for the first time, I think I ruined a painting I have been working on. I am sick about it.

I was DONE with this painting and brought it into my house to look at it for a while. It sat there for a day or two and I admired it. The other night, I decided it just needed "something else". I took it into my studio and started painting. The next morning, I went out there and it looked awful. I have been reworking and reworking it for the past few days. I can't get it back to the way it was or get it to a point in which a resolution is satisfactory. I am totally bummed out.

Have you ever done this? If so, do you just trash the bad piece and start over or do you keep trying to revive the overworked piece?


Sue at mishmoshart said...

I just came across your blog through artblogs 4 u, and looked at your site, and I love your work!!You use great bright colors and I love your subject matter. Really awesome!! I tend to do my work in bright colors and its so nice to see other people doing it too!! I make artdolls, artquilts, etc. check them out if youre bored! at

Eero said...

Yes, I've done it, and your description of how you felt about it was perfect...I've been there, too.

What I did was put the painting away for a week, didn't look at it at all, then brought it back out and looked at it with a fresh eye.
I could see how it could be "saved" to some extent. Sadly, I don't have a happy ending story---I couldn't get that painting back to it's best point, I just got it back to 'bearable.'
Good luck.