Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Making Your Mark

After writing about being a hermit artist and feeling just fine about “nesting” all alone, I realized I am not really alone. Looking down at "Gizmo, Wizard of Wizzlewolf", I realized he suffers a bit from my antisocial behaviors. When I stay home, he does too. This isn’t good for an animal with genes that tell him to wander and explore. Feeling guilty, I went and got his leash. When he sees that leash, he has the same exuberance I imagine I would have if I won the lottery!
So we ventured out. As we walked, he smelled and I listened to my iPod. Shuffling along listening to an eclectic mix of U2, Sia, Dave Matthews, Joni Mitchell, Andre 3000, Techno Underground, Andre Bottchelli, etc., I watched the GIZ as he smelled and peed, smelled and peed, and smelled and peed. I silently laughed as he made his mark on the world.
Then, I realized how he isn’t really thinking about anything particular. This is just his nature. He is in heaven, plodding forward with his nose to the ground. When he finds some good smell, he pees on it. In essence, he is saying to the world “I WAS HERE!!!” I tried to see this as a metaphor for my own life. No, I don’t urinate on everything over two inches tall. However, I thought about how we all do this in our own way. We all want attention. We all want to scream to the world “NOTICE ME!!” We search for something that will leave a legacy. I suppose my art is my mark on the world.
I often cringe at the thought of what will happen to all this art “stuff” once I kick the bucket. It really doesn’t matter, but I can’t see my daughter savoring all my oddities. I guess I will learn another lesson from the “Wizard”. Like him, I will think of the now. That’s all. So he will go pee. I will go make a painting. We will both be happy, as we both know we made our marks on this world!

Making his mark on the world!

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