Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As an artist, it is important to be part of the world. It is important to see everything. Artists should learn as much as possible because the world is the impetus for your subject matter and inspiration. Anthropology, science, math, geography, sociology, psychology, etc. are all subject areas, which congregate under the umbrella of the artist’s mind. That is why it is so important that an artist gets a well-rounded education with big dashes of life experience.
Yet this is a dilemma for me. Yes, I have been well educated. I do have life experiences. However, I find it more and more difficult to get out and be a part of life and society. It would suit me just fine if I didn’t have to leave my house/studio. I would even like it if I could get food delivered by a robot that wouldn’t converse! I am one of those people that likes being alone. Yet this is a dilemma. As an artist, I need to get out to feel the pulse or zeitgeist of the moment. Actually, I can feel these things at home in an artificial manner. I turn on the computer or TV and Whammo!! The world fills my house! I want to plug my ears, cover my mouth, and shut my eyes in hopes of barricading the invasion! This is why I often don’t want to venture out in this world. Things are scary out there!
It goes in cycles. Right now I am in a “nesting” mode. I go to my day job, come home, work in my studio, talk to nobody (except online or in this blog), and hang up on telemarketers because they are invading my space. There are days when I protect this “Sheree World” like a mama bird protecting her nest. Usually during these nesting periods, I get a lot of art done, keep my sanity, and get fatter. Then the pendulum swings. Eventually, I do go out again. I become active, social, (and skinnier). I suppose this would be called the “hunter/gatherer” mode. I take in more life, get more experience, and get fed up with some of the insanity of the world. Then, I retreat again. To steal the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “So it goes!”.

Detail of my painting “New Start”
My “nest”

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