Friday, April 20, 2007

Synchronicity in a great way!

It would be very easy for me to use this blog to be pretentious, grandiose, and just plain obnoxious in an overly intelligent way. However even though I want to speak on relevant art issues that will inspire and be pertinent to artists, there is a part of me that wants this blog to be relevant to everyone (or at least a good percentage of our human race).

Well, today I learned a lesson. During my day job, I have been working on a mural with kids for the past six months. We only get to paint for around 45 minutes each week. In other words, it is very slow going. To complicate matters, the kids working on this mural have various disabilities. This is why each week’s work makes me feel so proud of these kids because they are giving everything they have to give!

Yesterday, I spoke of making your mark in the world. Well, I had an experience today that made me realize I speak words that are relevant to many, many people. I was priming a new area of the mural and I had a new, unknown student come up to me. He asked if he could work on the mural. I said “Sure!” and then asked when he would be available to come to work. Now mind you, this is a disabled student speaking. He is different. Yet he continued to explain the reason he wanted to help work on the mural. He said: “I have been thinking about this a lot. I know you wanted help. I know I won’t be at this school forever. I want to help you and paint this picture so other kids who look at this picture will know I was here.”

When he said that, I jerked back physically. I reacted that way because I had just written about this very same thing on my blog yesterday. Of course, I told him YES!! Then I finished priming while I smirked and thought,”Yep, what I write and think relates to an awful lot of people!” Everyone does want to make his or her mark on this world! He will do his part in the coming weeks. We will all know he was there!

The “mural” at 6 hours
We are at about 30 hours now
I will post the finished product in four weeks

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