Monday, April 16, 2007

Time FLIES!!!

These past few months, I have been reminded repeatedly that time is marching on. It is strange when you meet up with friends you haven’t seen in years. This is especially true when those years sum up to a LOT of years. One friend from Detroit came down to Florida last month to visit me. He was a former coworker at a day job I held right after I got out of grad school. We went out to dinner and I thought how it was funny how we looked the same, but so, so much older.
Just this past week, I had a lunch date with a former neighbor. I moved away from that neighborhood six years ago. When I saw her, I was taken aback because she has let her hair grow out to its “natural” silver color. I sat there struggling to see HER beyond the whiteness of it all. In my minds eye, I still see her as a brunette. Things change.
Then just yesterday, I saw a pic of one of my best, best friends. During a circuitous journey of web links, I found an article in Detroit’s Metro Times “Feast Your Eyes”. I wasn’t looking for her. I was reading another blog that mentioned artists who take photos of their food. I thought that was so odd, I had to read the article. Lo and Behold, there was Gilda!! I haven’t seen Gilda in person since 1991! She looks the same, but older.
Believe me, I am in the same boat. I look the same as I did back then, except with many, many more wrinkles! However, it is strange how you might feel wiser, but don’t realize you are aging physically until you look in the mirror! I guess this is God’s way of saying “This doesn’t last forever, so get on with it!!!” LOL

My “BESTEST” Friend, Artist, Gilda Snowden
PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Mazzei, Metro Times arts and culture editor

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Gilda said...

HI Sheree!

Isnt that article funny? The other young lady in it is a former student of mine, Ann Gordon. I am so proud of her.....her blog is THE pre-eminent arts blog in Metro Detroit; everybody reads it!

Speaking of grey hair, dig the front of my head! Its crazy.....the back of my head is still kind of dark reddish brown, but all that WHITE in the front! I wish it would just all go that way. No, not really. When I look in the mirror I see my Dad's Mom had black hair on the day she died, but my Dad had the most beautiful curly silver hair. Do you remember Carol Izant, who was in painting classes in undergrad? She had been dyeing her hair for years...well, I saw her at the Cass Cafe and her hair was gloriously silver white! She is our age and has reconciled herself to the reality of age and looks.

Isnt it wonderful to mature and revel in it? When Boswell took that picture of me eating my salad I thought about all of the meals eaten there, and all of the meals eated at Alvin's, and how they were in many ways the symbols of good times had by all.

Shine on, Sheree!