Monday, April 23, 2007

What really matters?

Something happened this weekend that made me think long and hard. A friend died and I started thinking about what really matters in life. We are bombarded everyday with sounds and images of the things we should seek out in life. Miracle wrinkle creams, get rich quick schemes, celebrity lifestyles held as a model for which to aspire, and endless advertisements for things we really can’t afford to buy, yet we think we NEED, poke at us each day. It is easy to interpret we just aren’t good enough. Our lives are not as good as they should be or at least that is what we are told 24/7. We all want more, different, and better!

What really matters? Once it is all said and done, what do you want your life to represent? What will be your legacy? How will you be remembered?

Sandy Zenisek died this week. So? Who was she? Sandy was a Michigan artist. She was a GOOD artist. She was a person of great character and a fabulous spirit. Her sculptures were one of a kind. Her work represents the creative output of an inspired individual. She expressed herself so very well through her creative work.

Sandy wasn’t really my “friend”. She was an acquaintance. She was part of the Detroit art scene and I saw her all the time at openings and art venues. We were never close. Yet, when I was told she died, I felt so, so sad. My very first impression and thought was “She was always so happy! She smiled all the time!” I haven’t seen her in at least 16 years, yet her smile and gentle spirit is what I remember most. That is her legacy. It appeared to me, she was an artist who loved life and it was reflected in her work. Her joyful spirit was apparent. Her essence was very clear to me even though I was on the periphery of her friends circle. So I learned from her.
What really matters is how we live our lives. If we do our work and appreciate our gifts, we will smile. Also, it is important to realize others are watching. What we do makes a difference to others. We all have an impact on each other. Yes, it is important to be productive and honest with our life hours. Yet, it is most important to use those hours in a way that will be a positive inspiration to others. Sandy was that to me.

Sandy Zenisek
An accomplished woman, an accomplished artist
We can learn from you.
Be at peace and smile your beautiful smile forever.

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