Friday, May 4, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Some artists use sketchbooks. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on sketchbooks over my lifetime. I have filled none of them. I am not a sketchbook artist. I remember my best artist friend filling up sketchbooks by the month. I was so jealous! She would draw everything she saw. I could never hone or embrace that habit. One reason why this is not my forte is because I think verbally. Even though I am a visual artist, all my ideas come in the form of words. Occasionally, I will do a quick sketch to remember a visual idea. However most of the time, I think and remember with a verbal vocabulary that translates to a mental picture. Also, I hate carrying things around with me. A sketchbook is just too cumbersome for my lifestyle.
Consequently, I write bunches of words on scraps of paper. These scraps are found everywhere. I find them in around my house, around my studio, in the bottom of my purse, and around everywhere! A few months ago, I decided to stop this nonsense! Carrying around a full-blown sketchbook is still too much to deal with. Therefore, I invested in a bunch of small, pocket notebooks. Well…………now I have bunches of half filled notebooks lying around. I have a new summer project. I have to go through all the little notebooks and try to figure out what in the world I was thinking when I wrote these random passages. It is like sorting through bits and pieces or a treasure hunt, but at least they are in some kind of order now. LOL LOL LOL LOL
I hope I still have a few decades to continue to improve myself!!!!! Eventually, I will be as perfect as I would love to be!!!!!

I write it; I look at it; I finally figure out what I was talking about!
Then, I make art about the scribbles.
Well, it works for me! Tee HEE


gilda said...

Sheree! Get yourself a tiny MOLESKINE notebook! I absoulutely LOVE THEM! They look just like the sketchbooks I used to use, only they are much more durable, and have a pocket in the back. The small ones are around 10 bucks, but you can save scads by getting them from Ebay!

they fit purfectly in a purse. I even went to a black-tie event a couple of years ago and carried one in my little bag. A Moleskine, a cellphone, a pen, and my keys.....I was set!

gilda said...

Sheree, go to and do a search for SESTOK. Bob's sister Mary has uploaded a lot of short viedeos that she has made featuring him and his work.

I ran into her at a art show and she told me about this. They are very interesting! His daughter is in one, introducing his work at an exhibition.