Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can you tell I need a break?

It is almost like a “click” goes off in my head. I am so accustomed to this yearly routine; I can almost hear my brain shift into artist HIGH GEAR when my day job is about to end. I was licking my wounds yesterday. I allowed myself to do nothing and think of the past months. I looked around my studio and watched a lot of TV. I fell asleep relatively early and didn’t wake up until 9:30 AM. That is the longest I have slept in recent memory!
During the night, I had repeated nightmares with little “wild child” images lurking everywhere. Can you tell I need a break? I have been planning on doing a series called “The Misbehaviorists”. That is why I have been collecting children’s drawings. I am not interested in the work of gifted artistic children. Instead, I love the spur of the moment, scrawls of kids in the almost presymbolic stage of development. Tadpole people are my favorite! This work is one step beyond the “scribble” stage. Even though the nightmares were disturbing, it gave me a clear visualization of how to go about this series of work.
Despite feeling a bit anxious today, I did get a lot done. I did research for the “Misbehaviorists”. I did some primitive sketches (see below). I ordered art supplies and new shelves for my studio. Now I am getting ready to go out to dinner with an old friend. That will be good. I still have three more days of my day job. However, those are for cleaning up, putting things in order, and a few meetings to attend. NO KIDS. I look forward to the moment in about two months when I actually miss seeing the students. That will happen as it always does. In the meantime when I go to the restaurant today, I want to sit in the bar to be around adults. It will be just my luck there will be a 10 year old with fake ID in there trying to order a beer! If so, I am leaving!!!

I slept 11 hours last night.
I had repeated nightmares about my new “Misbehaviorists” series
It was a good thing though.
The dreams helped me solidify the images of the new work.

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Martha Marshall said...

I love, love kids' art too. These images have great possibilities for some grownup art!!