Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miracles Happen

As I have mentioned before, my day job is a thorn in my side. However, attached to every thorn is a rose. I suppose this is why my decision to leave or not to leave is driving me crazy. I work with students who are severely emotionally disturbed. I don't want to get into the details, but the situation is very complicated. Many of my students are involved in the criminal justice system or the mental health facility system.
Anyway, just ONE of our projects this year was a mural. In fact, it is our "Ocean Mural". It is 18' X 7'. We worked on it for 45 minutes per week since November.
There were times when I wanted to just roll up into a ball and say, "Forget this!!!” However, I kept going and so did my kids.
Well, we finished. It is marvelous!! This mural is a testament to the concepts of tenacity, positive thinking, and just plain guts! I am reminded of my mantra: "On that which you focus will come to fruition!"
As of next Thursday, I will have my own life back. I have decided to dedicate this summer and name it as the "SUMMER OF ME". I have done my work for others. Now it will be my turn! Looking at this and all the other 100's of projects I have done with students since last August, I think I deserve it!!!!!!!

After 35 hours of work, sleepless nights, praying, and habitual positive thinking, a mural is born!
Click the thumbnail to see the work in progress and close up details.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job Sheree!!