Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother’s Day?????

I have never been one to celebrate holidays. I make up my own holidays! “National Sheree’s Do NOTHING Day”, “National Sheree is HAPPY Day!” “National Sheree Feels Good About her ART Day!”…..You get the idea. This is especially true for “Mother’s Day”. I never related. Even though I have a daughter, it just never clicked that I am “MOTHER”.
When I was a little girl with two, younger, female siblings, I remember how they would sit and talk about their future children. They would describe them and name them. I would walk by their intense conversation rolling my eyes. I was going to be an artist with no children. That was set in stone or so I thought. Well, life happens. I had a baby. I had an “ART BABY” to be exact. I raised her by myself. We were the best buddies for years and years. Even though she wasn’t interested in being a visual artist, she has seen more art in her short life than most people in a lifetime. We have had our ups and downs especially during her teen years. Yet that needed to happen. When she was little, I looked at her so adoringly I couldn’t imagine ever wanting her to grow up. The teen years allowed me to see that she needed to grow up, I needed to let her go, and allow her to go out into the world to find her dreams.
She has done just that. As far as kids go, I won the MOTHER LOTTERY. She is an absolutely smart, talented, cool, motivated, hardworking, loving, and just plain great human being! I named her after a racecar driver and a pilot. I wanted her to be a person of ACTION! The name “Cristen” came from a Grand Prix driver who raced in Detroit the year she was born. I just changed the spelling. “Amelia” comes from Amelia Earhart. I wanted my girl to have speed and fly to great heights. She is doing that now.
So per usual form, I am not celebrating “Mother’s Day”. I am celebrating “Sheree Has a Phenomenal Daughter Day”. Yep! I sure do!!

These were delivered to my “day job” yesterday.
I started to open the box, but stopped.
My eyes started to well up and I didn’t want to cry at work.
Gosh, I miss my “Art Baby”!



gilda said...

WONDERFUL POST! Sheree, this is just how I feel about being a mother. I waited until the VERY LAST MINUTE to have a baby, and I prayed and prayed that it would be a little girl. I got my prayer, which is why I dont really ask for much any more. I TOO HIT THE MOMMY LOTTERY!

My daughter Kate is also one of my best friends, and she acknowledges that she is going through the TEEN THING, and told me to just wait it out. Can you believe that! What a smart girl! But then look at who her mom is.

Sheree, we have always had so much in common, and this is just another thing. The flowers are beautiful, and I know that they signify that you are cherished as Mom and Mentor by your beautiful, talented, ART BABY!

love, gilda

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