Thursday, May 31, 2007


In my earlier post, I spoke of doing my beloved (NOT) chore of yard work all day today. I was determined to get it ALL done in one day, because I need to work in my studio tomorrow. I was just finishing up pulling some of the weeds in my front flowerbed and something seemed strange. I looked around and noticed two of my RED FLAMINGOS have been stolen!!! I made these especially for my yard because I have red awnings. So last summer, I made a flock of red flamingos. Pink ones just aren't my style! LOL LOL LOL
I imagine the thief was on foot and took one for each arm. What a thug! So if anybody sees two red flamingos around St. Pete, tell them to get their tails home!

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Martha Marshall said...

What a creep. That's just totally disgusting. I hope you find your birdies.