Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why do we do this?

What a Yin/Yang day! What I mean by that statement is that I love creating, but sometimes I wonder why I am so obsessive. A week or so I saw a prospectus for a show that asked such an interesting question. “When you die, how do you want to be remembered?” Of course, you were required to answer this question verbally and/or visually. I laughed at first and then I started thinking. I don’t fear dying at all. I know for sure I have tried very hard to live a good life and to make this world better. I am sure, I have done the best job I could. As I thought about this question, I imagined a big bubble. I had a vision. I imagined the bubble popping. THE END
I love when this happens. I had a complete image of a work I wanted to make. The picture was crystal clear in my mind. I would be blowing a bubble gum bubble. It would pop. It would all be over! DEAD!
I saw the image in my head. Now, I had to make it. My first thought was I need printer ink. I drove up to Office Depot and got that. Then I needed bubble gum. I wanted Double Bubble. That is my favorite! I drove from store to store trying to find Double Bubble gum. Finally, I found it at Walmart. I came home to make the work. First, I had to make the photo of my bubble. Lots of chewing and 7 pieces of Double Bubble later, I finally got a photo worthy bubble. PRINT IT!
Then, I proceeded to paint, draw, cut, and paste for hours.
I think the results are splendid!
I am drinking a beer now and relaxing. I am so glad I did this piece. However, I think of the day and wonder why artists do this to themselves.

"When the Bubble Bursts"
Mixed Media on Arches
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Martha Marshall said...

I kind of think this is the way it happens. Hopefully some of the bits of our legacy hang around after the bubble bursts.