Friday, June 22, 2007

God’s Voice

Sometimes when I am sitting around the house and looking at all the art on the walls, I don’t recognize it. I know I am the one who made all this stuff, but there are times when the production of the work seems like a vague memory. I believe this is because when I am making it, I go into the art “zone”. I get to a place in art making that I lose awareness of the actual actions I am taking. I just let it flow. In fact, when I am struggling in the studio, I actually tell myself to let “Universal Energy” to run through me. In other words, I try not to force creativity. I let the powers that be take the reigns. Whether you call this God, the Source, or Universal Energy, I think this happens to people who believe in stuff like this.
One perfect example of Universal energy is the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent show. When Paul Potts came out on stage, the judge’s eyes rolled. It was as if they were thinking, “Oh brother, what’s this guy going to do?” He sure doesn't look like star material! Well, Paul opened his mouth and zapped them all! Even though I hate opera, when I heard this guy sing, the hair on my arms stood up and I actually got chills! This just has to be God’s voice.

Paul Potts
Click here to hear Paul sing!

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