Friday, June 8, 2007

Instruments of Torture - It is a good thing!

When my daughter left home, I turned her room into my exercise room. This was a great idea. I filled it with things like a treadmill, weights, jump ropes, ab thingies, etc. The only problem was that I scrunched my face every time I would pass the door of this room. Oh, I have it fixed up all nice and healthy! In fact, I realize now, this is the most important room of my house. That is saying a lot considering I have a studio attached to my house.
I got a new toy today to add to my TORTURE room! I bought a SPINNER. I wanted one of those because I realized when I had a gym membership, all the “Spinner” people had the skinniest asses I had ever seen!!!! LOL LOL However, I didn’t want to join the class because I feared bizarre attention. I am less than 4’ 9” tall. I knew for sure if I ventured into the “Spinner” room, there would be drama. I didn’t want that attention or embarrassement. So, I gave up the idea of being a “Spinner”.
Well a few weeks ago I saw an infomercial. They were advertising a “Spinner” for home use. I thought about it again and again. Then, I finally went online and bought it. I wanted it BAD!
It came today. I put it together in less than an hour. I inserted the beginner video in the DVD player and found this instrument of torture is a really, really good thing! I loved doing it, but it was so hard! It will make a big difference in my physical reality! I love it!! Sheree is a SPINNER now!!!

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