Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Babies

I have been thinking about kids the past 24 hours. Most of us have a kid or two. I guess that is a normal progression. I have to admit I am still a novice mom. Yes even after 23 years of motherhood, I am still grappling. However now that my daughter is an adult, I have new things to think about and realize. I have no control or say in the machinations of my daughter’s life now. This gives me the opportunity to see her at a distance. Likewise for the first time in her life, I am starting to see my effect and influence on her as a human being. I think that is a good thing.
Be it bad things or good things, the way our kids interact with the world is a reflection on ourselves whether we like it or not. I learn so much from her. Even though she isn’t a visual artist, I see her as a CREATIVE. I see her as driven. I see her as so intelligent and able. I see her as a woman that will get what she wants because she will work for it. I see her insecurities and smile. I understand that. So, I give her encouragement and tell her just to go for it.
My girl learned to walk on a studio floor laden with tools and sawdust. That was hard for her. I realize now her creative energy was tempered by the fact that mom was an artist. She always rejected drawing and painting. That was her form of rebellion since preschool. At first I thought she just wasn’t artistic. I was wrong. She is an artist in her own way and is now going through a passage in her life to find how her creativity fits in this world. I am so proud of that.
I think our kids mirror of our own life. Their accomplishments and take on the world are a manifestation of our own thoughts and dreams. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to see myself in my daughter. I have learned from her.

Me and Cris on a Roller Coaster
A metaphor for our lives!
Go get em girl!!