Thursday, July 12, 2007

Art BUSYness

Document Document Document! I hate the business side of art. Many artists see this side of art as a drag. It is like going to the dentist. You know you have to do it, but you put it off until your teeth ache. I wanted to enter a show. I needed some good pics, so I set up to take some shots. Even though it is so, so easy now in this digital age compared to the days of hot lights, ektachrome film, and lab fees, it still sucks! I got the shots, Photoshoped for an hour, and then diddled all day trying to get this online entry form to work. After a dozen emails to the gallery director, we finally solved the problem. Then, I rushed to work on this silly little painting I am working on as an illustration for a story I wrote. This was a self-imposed “assignment”. I saw a posting for a writing contest and thought it would be fun just to try. I wrote a saccharine story (which I love) and decided to make a little illustration. I will post it soon. It was a great creative exercise.
One good thing that came of yesterday’s frantic busy work was I got a shot of one of my “Sight Bites” that I love. I painted this and hung it up without even thinking of getting a photograph. The piece is meaningful to me. I have always had long, straggly hair. I have been thinking about cutting it all off because it is finally getting on my nerves. I mentioned this to a male friend and he said “OH NO! Don’t do that!” Geesh!!!! What is it with men who like women to have long hair? I just don’t get it. I guess that is why I have been single 99% of my life. Oh well. Gotta go paint!!!

"Big Hair"
Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas
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Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, that is just too cool. Love the painting!

And yes, I hate the hours of time it takes to properly document art too. It sure cuts into creative time!

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you Martha! I love that painting too. (This is my problem! I love my own work to much and hate selling away all my babies!!) I will get over it though. I can always make more!
In regards to art BUSINESS: photographing and entering shows is just the tip of the iceberg! How about all this internet stuff? Holy Macaroni! I am convinced that if evolution holds true, the people of the future will have long fingers and huge butts!! LOL LOL LOL
Thanks for reading my blog!