Saturday, July 14, 2007

Art World Podcast

I have been thinking about writing this post for a week. My new hobby is reading bunches of blogs. Nancy Baker’s name kept coming up during my reading sprees. I LOVE her work. One of my discoveries was a “The Art World” podcast interview she did with Eva Lake at Voice America Women. (click icon at bottom of this post to go to the podcast site). This website has a growing content library. You can pick and choose from a list of diverse, art related interviews.
I chose to listen to Nancy Baker’s interview first. After listening to her interview, I realized I respect her as an outspoken woman as much as I respect her as a phenomenal artist. Her interview speaks on so many topics related to MY interests and thoughts; it would be futile to try to list them. Go listen to the interview. You will be enlightened.
One thing that I must say in response to a lot of what she said (and I agree with) is that I had a revelation while listening. She speaks about age, women artists, networking, and publicity. I totally understand all that. She also spoke about women artists and their life paths. I really understand that too. In fact, I had the realization that I was further ahead in many ways 23 years ago, than I am now. It isn’t because my art sucks more or that I haven’t paid my dues. It is because I let myself get “out of the loop”. Like many artists, I have been isolated due to the push and pull of survival and life. Going to art openings, doing the “art world dance” could not be my priority. So now, I guess I am paying for that. Was the cost worth it?

I was farther ahead in my art career 23 years ago.
Is this all my fault?
I take that question back.
It is nobody’s FAULT. It is just life.

Click to go to Voice America Women
Listen to some of Eva Lake’s wonderful art interviews.

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