Friday, July 27, 2007

Creative Fatigue

This is so typical. One thing I have never learned how to do is to stay on an even keel. I remember one of my mentors told me long ago; I needed to learn how to stay on a consistent emotional level no matter what happens. As she spoke, she slowly moved her hand horizontally leaving a cool, calm imaginary line in front of me. Well, I am still working on that. In the meantime, I am experiencing something akin to creative fatigue. I love the way it feels, but I know I have to slow down a bit. Just like other manic times in my life, I love waking up and having a million ideas pop into my head before my feet hit the floor. However, I know the ramifications of this kind of state. If I don’t slow down, I am going to crash and burn. So MAYBE, I will mow the lawn or something tomorrow just to let it go for a few hours.
Anybody who experiences racing thoughts might understand my addiction to hyperactivity. My mind is going wild with ideas. It is a time in which I have to carry around a pen and paper because the ideas are coming so fast, I have to write them down quickly or they will be gone in a second. The mind fascinates me. One of the bizarre things I am experiencing are visions and little snippets of images flashing in my mind. Often these are reoccurring images. I always wonder why artists latch on to certain imagery. One of my odd attractions is birds and feathers. I don’t have a fondness of birds. In fact, they freak me out. However, they pop up in my art all the time. I had one bizarre thing that happened to me this morning. I went over to visit the paintings I am working on right now. One is a new “States of Feeling” piece. The center has feathers standing straight up. I walked away from it to go check my email. As I read, I heard a creak. I turned and looked over into a dark corner of my computer room. There on the wall was a drawing I hadn’t looked at in years. “Bird’s Eye View” is an odd duck when it comes to my entire body of work. I never showed it because at the time I did this piece, I was doing abstract sculpture. It didn’t fit my “M.O.”. In fact, after doing a series of these drawings, I showed them to an artist friend and she scrunched her nose. I guess they weren’t “cool” enough or something. I stopped doing them. Back then I wanted to be cool! LOL LOL Anyway, when I saw this image, I was just floored. The feathers are almost identical to the piece I am working on right now. I think it is interesting how our mind holds these images to repeat and transform. Now that IS cool!

”Bird’s Eye View”
Graphite on Arches
9” X 12”
Click to enlarge

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