Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun stuff!

I have been very busy CREATING the past few days. I feel like the plate spinning guy who used to be on Ed Sullivan! (Yes, I know… I am THAT old!!! LOL LOL) I have little work stations all over my house. My big paintings are in my studio. I have tiny paintings on my living room table. I have tote bags all over my kitchen and computer room! So much for keeping it all in one place! I have been working on my newest “States of Feeling” titled “FREE”. In the back of my mind’s eye, I am working on “Relaxed” and “Creative” too. (Not enough room to start those yet.) Also, I am branching out and opening up a little gift shop on my website. This page will offer creative stuff for those who would prefer wearables or small items by this “wizzle”. In fact, the name of my shop is

I will let you know when I cut the grand opening ribbon.
Another fun thing I did was to start making CDs of my new paintings. Even though I balked in another post about hating doing documentation and other art business related work, I love making art cds. It is creative enough to keep my attention, enthusiasm, and feelings of being organized. For all the Type A, perfectionists out there, I am sure you will relate to this!

This is the cover for my "Misbehaviorists" CD

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