Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live? Earth (aka: Hype for a Cause)

I took a blog break. I hadn’t planned on posting until tomorrow. However, the topics are piling up in my mind. After this weekend of self-analysis and working, I am in no condition to post some brilliant, inspiring, boring tale of my current art escapades. Yet, I just had to say something, so I decided to give my very brief take on “Live Earth”, the concert of the weekend.
Yeah…I watched it. Since I don’t have cable in my studio, I set up a temporary painting table in my living room and waited through hip hop yap yap, Alicia Keys screaming “Gimme Shelter” like a greased pig looking for a place to give birth to a piglet, and Madonna still wishing she looked 30. I didn’t care about any of them. I just wanted to see Dave Matthews Band. Actually, it was all moderately enjoyable in one way or another. I switched off a couple of times. For example, at one point I couldn’t understand a word of some Anglo guy talking with such a thick accent, a Scottish pub owner should have been there to translate and another time when the commentators made my nauseous. It even made me cringe when they interviewed Dave Mathews. I found his save the earth pitch ironic and I just kept thinking about all those people who were drenched with human crap when his tour bus dumped 800 pounds of waste from its septic tank onto a sightseeing boat on the Chicago River. I know it wasn't Dave's fault (bus driver stupidity), but still even fans like me remember that environmental fiasco! Likewise, I kept thinking of the hypocrisy surrounding this event. Don’t get me wrong. It is a GREAT cause. I just have questions. Am I the only one to realize within the grand stadium settings full of exuberant fans, there was a huge, pink elephant standing amongst the partiers? Most of these celebrities don’t live GREEN. I suppose you could say many live lavish, excessive, RED lives (The opposite on the color wheel except in this case it isn’t complimentary!) I am glad they raised money and conscientiousness. Even so, it raised my eyebrows. I just couldn’t help but wonder if when the concert was over, all the participants got together to pick up the trash and recycle it into some grand, artistic monument commemorating the event. Huh? You don’t think so?

”Universal Dump”
This mixed media work hangs in front of my treadmill.
As I sweat, I look at it and think about how life is so fragile.
Yet, most of us just don’t get it.
”Dump” shows how we explore new horizons before cleaning our own house. We fill space up with junk because it is getting crowded down here!
Click thumbnail for detail of "Dump"