Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lucky Girl

I am one lucky girl. Oh, I am just like everybody else! I bitch and moan about all the stuff that bothers me. When we complain, it is truly about how things or people aren’t doing what we really want them to do. I realize this. I have a “THANKFUL” journal. The stuff I write is simplistic, yet real. I write about how I am thankful I have a home and a studio. I love being an artist. I appreciate living in an absolutely beautiful area of the country. I have a paycheck coming every two weeks. I have five grocery stores within 3 miles of my house. I have health insurance. I have four televisions in a house occupied by one person. I love all my electronic gadgets. I treasure my classic bicycle. I am healthy. I have an “OK” body. Well……….I mean if I lined up all the people my age in order of perfection, I wouldn’t be the first or last in the line! LOL I have a “don’t quit” spirit. I have been very well educated. My bills are paid. I appreciate I have accomplished all this by myself via hard work and tenacity. I’ve lived an artistic life even though there were many naysayers. I have friends. My doggie, Gizmo is my loyal pal. Healthy food is in the frig. Exercise equipment is waiting for me in the other room. I care about other people and how I can help them. I am sensitive. I pay attention to life with a sincere hope I can do something to help make things better. I raised a wonderful daughter who is a valuable, productive citizen. I have been loved. I have always had my art. My art has made my life worth living. Hopefully, others have looked at a piece or two, which I have made and it has inspired them in some way. I could go on and on. I have so much for which to be thankful and I am happy I realize this!
This might sound like a puzzling discourse. I do have a point. This post is about appreciating your life as is. I am not the kind of artist who kicks the rocks and says, “Whoa is me”. Nothing in our lives is perfect. I am never going to make a perfect painting. There will never be a perfect day job. There will never be a perfect art life. There will never be a perfect artist. There will never be perfect anything!
While painting this week, I had similar thoughts. Per usual, the paint slopped here and there. The way I work is not pristine or antiseptic. I will never be able to paint perfect. I do the best I can. My lines, edges, and surface are HUMAN. They all have bumps, bruises, and general shit scattered within. I can’t help that. I am not perfect. Neither is my art, but I am thankful for it anyway!

Do NOT click to see details
There is nothing there.
There is no such thing as a PERFECT PAINTING.

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