Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doorway to Heaven

We human beings think we are so smart. We really aren’t. In fact, the ratio of what we DO know and what we DON’T know is most likely vast. We are running around like little ants busily trying to figure things out. I love factual stories about science and our world. I really don’t care about the technical aspects. I like the elements of the stories, which reveal something about human nature. Today I was browsing the news. One story told of a blogger who found an error in some NASA calculation data used to determine predictions of global warming. Oh…maybe NASA should hire that blogger(?) Another article that struck me was a blip about a teenager who cracked the code for the iPhone. Oh geesh, that evil little hacker!!! LOL LOL
Then, I stumbled across this headline:
”Astronomers Find Huge Hole In The Universe” My very first thought was “Of course! That must be the doorway to heaven!!” This is why I am an artist and not a scientist!
Seriously, this is why I don’t care about all the science behind science. It makes my head hurt, REALLY!! My first recollection of this physical trauma to my brain came when I was around seven years old. I remember the Catholic nuns telling us about heaven. I would lie in bed at night trying to sort out the images induced by this religious training. I would actually visualize the universe in a box, the stars floating around the planetary spheres, and everything outside of the box was the white light of heaven. When I grew up and became an artist, I made this piece “Spherical Harmonics” about this memory. This piece was sold long ago. It is one of those pieces I miss terribly. Maybe I will make a new one for me!!!

”Spherical Harmonics”
Acrylic / Mixed Media
6” X 8” X 6”ish
Click to Enlarge

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