Sunday, August 5, 2007


I find it fascinating how series of events and thoughts help us to come to some realization about ourselves. The first part of my current “light bulb moment” started when I was at Payless Shoe Store yesterday. The store cashier was overly helpful and so nice. She was trying to help me find what I needed, made telephone calls, and even gave me a coupon for an online purchase for the shoes I wanted to buy. I thanked her profusely because good service is so rare these days. I walked out of the store feeling special. She showed me FAVOR. This made me start thinking again about life and what I want to happen in the next five, ten, fifteen, twenty years. In order to define our goals, we have to take account of our past and decide what we want for our future. As I drove home, I realized I really have just about everything I want. Like I have said before in other posts, I do feel lucky. I have never felt this much contentment. That is such a great thing to experience in life. I now realize I have had many encounters with favor in my life.
Art wise, I have thought a lot about what I want. I have had a degree of art success. I have been in oodles of exhibitions. I have participated in regional art worlds. Yet, I have never been an art celebrity or been a high roller. Yet, now I am wondering if that is such a bad thing. The art world today is nutty. It is like this huge, out of control machine that has nothing to do with my art or me. Much of the art that is celebrated is stupid in my opinion. The art stars are attached in some way to the rich and famous. Also, they sometimes get caught up in the wrath of that environment.
In the past few weeks a sad story of the suicides of artists Duncan and Blake have surfaced. I don’t want to go into the details. Besides, I don’t know them and didn’t know about them until they both died. There is a great deal of info about the scenario online if you want to know the story.
The laist blog is one of many blogs containing commentary on this saga. I have read a number of accounts feeling like I was reading the National Enquirer’s hot scoop about the newest, hippest, most devastating celebrity fiasco. I feel dirty after reading some of the articles that have come out about this art duo. Their fame is titillating, but their lives (as described) seemed so bizarre and psychologically skewed. So maybe my tiny world of fame and fortune (in my own mind) isn’t so bad. Maybe the calm and peace to make my art in private is a true gift I have been given. Maybe being “unknown” is a positive thing. Maybe I am living a life of favor.

Rest in Peace Theresa and Jeremy


Anonymous said...

You seem to have taken away exactly what the writer from the LA Weekly wanted you to think: "thank goodness I'm not smarter, younger and better looking!"

That writer was stretching the truth when she says she "knew" them. How? When? For how long? I never heard Theresa or Jeremy refer to her. My guess is that she met them once or twice and is using that to try to add credibility to her character assassination piece. But it's incredibly misleading. It implies that her assertions were based on observation over time, and that is absolutely false. She's simply stringing together quotes from several unreliable sources (Monica Gesue? Please.)

Either way, it hardly defines the truth about who T + J were. It simply elevates their myth, Kenobi-like. So for that I thank you, Ms. Coe: in your efforts to strike Theresa down, you've helped make her more powerful than you could have possibly imagined.

Sheree Rensel said...

Anon wrote:
"So for that I thank you, Ms. Coe: in your efforts to strike Theresa down, you've helped make her more powerful than you could have possibly imagined."

Why are you talking about "Ms. Coe"(?) on this blog? Huh?? My blog entry was about the sadness of the event. I never made any kind of judgment about Blake or Duncan. I used the laist link as one of MANY I have read. It says that right there in the text. So if you don't like that article, go tell that writer not me.
Also, why do you sound so hostile and mean? I hope you feel happier soon.