Sunday, August 26, 2007

I love the smell of DETERMINATION in the morning!

I can hear it now!! Da da da DAH dum, Da da da DAH dum, Da da da DAH dum, DA DA DA DUM! Sorry if I sound off key!!! LOL LOL Yes, I hear it now. I feel like Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now cranking up the WAGNER in preparation for the next attack.
One of my great qualities is that I am a fighter and a survivor. These attributes have served me well in this art life. One of the things that I love about getting older is my recouperation time seems to get shorter after negative life attacks. I bounce back much quicker and arm my battle stations!
This week I took a hit from a couple of vantage points. I hunkered down in the bunker licking my art and teaching wounds for a day or two. Yesterday, I made the plan for my retaliation. One thing for sure is I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I haven’t been taking care of myself as well as I could. This was apparent when I was shot down in the barrage of fire this week. SO, my first strategy is getting back my strength and building up my protective physical and emotional muscles. I can’t fix the world. I can only fix myself!
I sat down yesterday morning and started my “work out” regime. I wrote for an hour in my journal. I made some quick fire goals for the week. Then I went grocery shopping for HEALTHY food. Oh and I bought a book! (See below). I decided I needed to take my physical fitness routine seriously, so I registered for a 5K in October. That gives me 8 weeks to get in good enough shape to at LEAST finish the race. Stay tuned. 7 weeks and 6 days to go! I will be victorious!!!

I forgot to mention I teach people with emotional disabilities
I am screamed at, threatened, and told to F%#& off on the hour
This kind of battering taken daily can wear you down too.
5K here I come!!!!!


self taught artist said...

I'm really glad I found your blog sheree, I get revived and really do appreciate your candor and bounce back. I've been in a muck lately and your one line of 'I can't fix the world. I can only fix myself' rings so true. I get stuck and then look around and make myself suffer even more with seeing only doom or gloom... how can anyone be of any good when they aren't taking care of themselves first?
I think I'm getting a whiff of determination :)

Sheree Rensel said...

You made ME laugh! "Whiff of Determination" That is funny!!! I am so glad my words are speaking to you. Also, I really hope they help you in some way. This is the same thing I mentioned in the last post's comment section. We all affect each other in some way. I am glad my (at times silly) rants make some kind of sense to you!