Saturday, August 18, 2007


I am SO WASTED (not drunk, just tired!!!) I started back to work this week and I haven’t got my “rhythm” yet. I totally understand why some artists just give up if they work another full time job. I have done this for years. However, it takes me a few weeks to get back in the groove of juggling. To complicate matters, I had to get up at dawn and clean my house (kind of…I cleaned enough so I wouldn’t be embarrassed! LOL). Then, I had to go out and mow my back lawn. A state home inspector was coming this morning and I didn’t want it to look like my house was abandoned. This summer, I really let my yard go because I wanted to PAINT! Consequently, my back yard looked like a two foot tall field of weeds. After working on that for over an hour, I dealt with the inspector. Then, I went out into the studio, looked at the work waiting for me and thought, “Screw this!!” I just need to rest and get my energy level back up. In the meantime, this is what I am working on now. I have eight “Misbehaviorists” two thirds done. Also, I have a painting that isn’t really part of any series, but relates to some pieces I did a few years ago. I liked that direction, so I am going to see how it goes.
I am going to see “Kathy Griffin” in concert tonight. I went to see her last year and laughed so hard my face hurt. I hope she is as funny tonight. I just LOVE her!!
Talk to you tomorrow AFTER I paint!!!!

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