Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sheree Appleseed

Sometimes I miss my art. Over my life, I have sold a lot of work. I think of this often. It is as if I have been “Sheree Appleseed” leaving a little trail of myself all over the world. Some pieces I am glad to sell. There are others, which for whatever reason stay with me in my mind. Some I regret selling and want back. I can go decades and still think about them. I wonder where they are now. Yes. Often I don’t know where they are. I realize this is a bad, art business practice, but I never have kept track of who has bought my work. I never wanted to know. I just wanted to know they went to a good home!
Another way I spread little tidbits of myself around is by sending mail art. I love mail art shows. I don’t do them often, but sometimes a prospectus will strike my interest. I love doing these little projects because it is like instant creativity. Also, it reminds me of a school assignment. The shows are usually thematic. You can make something temporary because the piece won’t be for sale. You can basically have free reign with your imagination and flex your creative muscles. There is a sad part of this activity. Once you mail your little creations, they are gone for good. They become another seed for my art trail. Bye bye!
Here is a submission I just sent to the Asylum Gallery in Sacramento, California. The show is about global warming. I made this image "Worldafire". I think it is cool!! Oh wait...not "cool". ahhhhh...In the famous words of Paris, instead I will say "It's HOT"! (PUN INTENDED!!) LOL LOL

Mail Art submission in response to “global warming”
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Martha Marshall said...

Wow! I love it!! I also empathize with you about missing certain works that are gone. But it's a great feeling knowing they are out there being loved.