Monday, August 6, 2007


With my art, I hope I take someone on a mental journey. As they look at any given piece, I would like them to transcend reality. I want them to go back or forth to a different place. I want them to remember or forget. I want them to have a new and interesting moment of existence. This desire surfaced yesterday when I was listening to my iPod. Whenever Neil Young’s “Southern Man” comes on, I am almost paralyzed. I am immediately taken back decades. I am walking on a little street in Plymouth, Michigan feeling free as an uncaged bird. That is where I paid $75. per month for my very first apartment. I remember that place as well as I remember this song. I have no idea why this song stops me in my tracks. Ordinarily, I am a wordy girl. However, if you read the lyrics of “Southern Man” it is a sorrowful verse. It wasn’t the message that drew me to the song. There is just something in his voice, the time, and the place that hits a nerve.
Even though I am not musical at all, music has played such an important role in my life. I remember when Ally McBeal was on TV. There was an episode, which spoke of having a soundtrack to your life. If I have a soundtrack of my life it just has to be the composition “Rubic” by Philip Glass. In fact, the entire GLASSWORKS cd sends me off to some inner place. I think I mentioned this before in another blog post. I must think about this a lot! Whenever I hear it, my mind goes wild with flipping images moving as fast as a deck of shuffling cards. I can only wish to create some grand masterwork that has that power to allow others to rise above or go beyond the limits of the current moment. That is a grand goal!

”Daydream Chair”
Just finished!
Time to take a break and transcend


Eva said...

Whoa, I was just listening to that LP today!

I like your blog.

Sheree Rensel said...

Eva, That's COOL!! I love sychronicity!! Also, thank you SO MUCH for reading my blog! I am delighted people actually read all my weird blah, blah, blah!