Sunday, August 19, 2007

What the HELL??

This summer was a whirlwind of art and self-improvement. I made this my mission intentionally. After working in my studio each day, I would let myself veg out and watch TV in the evening. For some bizarre, unexplainable reason, I became addicted to the reality show “Ice Road Truckers”. Yeah, I know….HUH?????? I have been asking myself that same question for weeks. I just can’t believe how this is such an unexpected interest! It is particularly weird in my case. I HATE cold. (That is why I moved to Florida.). I HATE driving (I have a 6 year old SUV with only 17K miles on it!) Yet there is something, SOMETHING that has me mesmerized by this show. It is about the Alaskan ice road. During winter months, truckers take supplies over an “ice road” to the diamond mines and other areas of the Artic while driving hundreds of scheduled miles. They all get HUGE bucks to do this! I am wondering if I would have it in me. The road has been created over a frozen lake that crackles each time a truck starts to move on it.
So in my desire to improve myself, I am analyzing why I love this show so much. In fact, today the HISTORY channel is having an “Ice Road Truckers” marathon. Oh shit. This is just as potent to me as heroin is to a junkie!! I am watching now!!!
So I have been asking myself…”What the hell does any of this have to do with me or my art???” Well first of all HUGH reminds me of my Dad. My father was not a trucker, but he was a take no prisoners blue-collar worker. I relate to that. Secondly, I relate in an ART way to the journey these guys take. I admire them so much. They are alone. They are very brave. They are determined. They have to figure out what to do next during any given hour. They have courage and bravery I don’t have now, but wish I could develop! So I guess I answered my own question. People don’t have to be exactly like you for you to relate. In fact, they can be very different and you can still learn volumes! You can relate to their situation and emotional experience. I am doing that now as I watch the Ice Road Trucker marathon! THEY are my new mentors!
My last words on this topic and my realization as to why I love this show is simple. I look at these guys and realize their determination. I can relate to this. If I got trained in truck driving, I would want to try this. I bet I would do well too! Even though I am not a big, burly, hunka hunka man, I know for sure, I would give Hugh a run for his potential money. I am not being brash. I am being honest. I think it has a lot to do with ATTITUDE.
Sheree the Ice Road Trucker in my NEXT life!


self taught artist said...

I too LOVE that show. I found it a few weeks ago and started mid season with it, I have to admit the first time I watched it I was fascinated but also stunned by their primative seeming unsettled me, I now realize it takes a certain breed to accomplish such feats. I have a respect for them and see their near insane passion and drive matched by few people I've ever known. I loved last nights show...glad no one died and loved finding out more about Alex, those guys are amazing. Can't wait for season two!!!!

Lisa said...

I'm dating a truck driver so of course I have to watch this show. I personally found it boring. Maybe because I know a lot more about what's really involved. They've edited the thing down to the few interesting things that happen each week - mostly these guys are watching movies as they drive 15mph across a sheet of ice - yawn. They are bored to death and dead tired. Pretty much no different than the millions of other truckers out there (who are hopefully not watching movies as they drive down the interstate at 75mph). A truckers life is fairly interesting but this show missed it's mark - I think they could have added a lot more content to it but instead went for drama.

Aaron Weber said...

I do like the show a lot, even though I'm sure trucking is waaaay more boring. I mean, we're seeing a week's worth of seven people's lives edited down to 40 minutes.

The thing that strikes me is how Hugh is such a jerk... I hate the way he blames the truckers for when their equipment breaks down? He seems to think he can do no wrong.

If I were to design a payscale, I would not dock drivers' pay for problems they can't control, like weather or mechanical problems.

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh!! For sure!! I agree with all of your comments. Since I am a bit of a "reality" TV junkie, I know it isn't REALITY at all. In regard to Ice Road, I think they said there were 800 truckers(?) We saw 8! I also realize they edit to make a show that is kind of exciting and highlights the drama. Also, I realize a trucker’s life is basically BORING! Well, working in my studio is VERY solitary and boring at times! There was something about this show that made my heart beat fast. Like I said, I don't like driving. I don't like cold. There was just something that got me hooked on this "drama". Yeah, Hugh isn't the nicest person. At least, some might interpret this. I don't. I see him as being a determined, take no prisoners, entrepreneur of sorts. He is there to make money. He doesn't need to hear whining. He expects others to have the same attitude. Even though it may be unpopular, I can relate to that. I too tell people to "Suck it up" often! If I get my mind set on something, I will do anything it takes to get the job done. If others want to sit around and do the "BOO HOO" thing, that is their problem.
HUGH WON!!!! You go guy!!! Also, I was so impressed by TJ and JAY. They are so young, but they did the deed. They will be the next representatives of the up and coming "ballsy" generation!
Even though the show concept is totally opposed to my nature, I wanna do this! I just hope I can be that gutsy in my next life!!!

self taught artist said...

I'm with you Sheree. I'm not so stupid to believe that it's all fun and exciting. In fact I'm more impressed with how they get through such monotony. I like the reality show stuff too even if I know I'm being dupped. It's an escape. The Ice Trucker still is fascinating even if I have nothing in common with these people and probably wouldn't be able to tolerate them in real life.